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Dean Ambrose has a Survival Kit. On Friday Night Smackdown he vows to tell us all just what it takes to survive in the world of Dean Ambrose. Taking to the ring to tell us a little story about when he was a child living in Cincinnati with his Mom. His Mother one day handing him $20 and telling him to go to the store and pick her up some smokes and some scratch cards. The obedient little boy roaming the mean streets where he was picked on by a group of older boy, they roughed him up and took his $20, he had to return to his Mother empty handed.

In response, she reached in to a drawer and handed him some brass knuckles, telling him “This is your Survival Kit, Don’t let it happen again.” – Since that day, he hasn’t let it happen again. He’s his own Survival Kit and he will bite and scratch and claw and punch and kick his way out of any fight. Bray Wyatt isn’t facing a scared little boy, he’s facing a grown man that will do anything to survive and isn’t afraid. On Sunday at Survivor Series the best thing he can do, is run. Wyatt of course, can’t leave well enough alone and responds on the Titantron. Taunting Dean from a Jail cell and asking him if it reminds him of his Father. He says the two of them could have ruled the world together with their combined hate and rage against the world, but Dean turned his back on that. Now Brays going to leave him to wallow in his own filth.

We’ll see. Roll on Sunday.

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20141110_EP_LIGHT_SS_WyattVambrose-HOME gathers a group of WWE writers to predict outcomes for every match at WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here is the prediction outcomes for Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, and we must say the predicted outcomes for Ambrose are not looking in his favor.

@JoeyStyles: My first prediction is that this match will be every bit as good as the war of words that preceded it in the weeks leading up to Sunday. Anyone looking for a match resembling the Malenko/Guerrero-pure wrestling classic that I gushed about on ECW Exposed is better off actually watching that match before Survivor Series. Because this match does not have any special stipulations that nullify disqualifications, I expect Dean Ambrose to officially lose by DQ but get a victory of sorts when he finally snaps and unleashes the contents of his “survival kit” on The Eater of Worlds. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

@HowardFinkel: This match is just too close to call. Both men clearly march to the beat of their own drums, which I think is admirable. This will be Wyatt’s first major contest totally flying solo, without any followers, which could cause a feeling of uneasiness, perhaps. But when all is said and done, Wyatt will be the one to come out on top. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Bill Apter: These are two of the most volatile and maniacal people in WWE. Ambrose’s relentless ferocity will prove to be too much for Wyatt to handle. Wyatt is a master of psychology, but that won’t help him against the unpredictable, physically explosive attack of Dean Ambrose. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Scott Taylor: How do you predict a match between two of the most unpredictable Superstars in WWE history? I’m not entirely sure, but based on the past actions of Bray Wyatt, I just can’t pick against him. I fully expect Dean Ambrose to deliver a beating to The Eater of Worlds, but I think The New Face of Fear has a surprise in store for his unstable opponent that will help him survive this showdown. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Zach Linder: This battle is less about the eventual victor and more who will somehow leave St. Louis in one piece. With these two wild competitors ready to face off, they’ll likely tear up the rule book. The mind-bending Bray will stop at nothing to teach his opponents a lesson, and Ambrose’s rage will likely mar any semblance of strategy. In the end, though, there’s a method to Wyatt’s madness, and he’ll overcome the madness to torture Ambrose another day. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt: 4, Dean Ambrose: 1

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Another interview from the media rounds today, this time at 93.7 The Bull. Dean talks about his favorite wrestlers growing up, visiting the St. Louis Rams, viral videos and more!

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Dean stopped off at Hot 104.1 on Durrty Boyz Radio today and discussed his match with Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell, comparisons to other wrestlers, NXT, WWE 2k15 and more!

Note. Interview starts 30 seconds in.

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CBS SPorts In St Louis Missouri sat down with Dean today to chat Survivor Series and more, head on over to their website to listen to the full interview, with video coming later on in the week!

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20141111_EP_LIGHT_SurvivorSeries_FantasyTeams_Article_Ambrose ask WWE Superstars and Divas to pick their very own Survivor Series dream teams, among them being our favorite Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. Here is what Ambrose has to say about his dream team.

You can’t get much different from Dean Ambrose than the country club cool of WWE Hall of Famer and AWA lead protagonist, Nick Bockwinkel, but that’s exactly where the erratic Superstar started his team.

“[Bockwinkel would] bring a little class and prestige to a team that will have some unsavory characters on it,” Ambrose said. “We need some level-headed veteran leadership to right the ship.”

His next selections were more in line with The Lunatic Fringe’s reputation.

“Terry Funk is unpredictable and versatile and impossible to plan for,” he said. “And third would be Vader, because myself and Terry Funk can take a lot of punishment. We’re gonna need a guy that can really dish it out, and Vader would be the heavy of the team.”

And with his last choice, Tully Blanchard, Ambrose showcased his love for the NWA and his roots in watching southern-style pro wrestling.

“He’s a brilliant strategist,” Ambrose explained, “and a guy with a really good motor to really wear out the opposing team and really keep the pace up.”

Dean happens to make a dream Survivor Series team of his own, being the #1 pick on former stablemate Roman Reigns’ list.

“My first pick would be my man, Dean Ambrose,” Roman Reigns said without hesitation. “We have a huge amount of chemistry and I like his element of surprise. You just don’t know what to expect with him. That would really give our team an advantage in that respect.”

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Survivor Series just days away, and Dean seems to have Brays number. Nonplussed by the tyrants antics, Dean arrives on Smackdown to reveal his ‘Survival Kit’. Click on to find out what happens.

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Dean stopped off at WKHT’s Hot 104.5 today and talked nicknames, character and much more!

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Posted on Nov , 19 2014 Filed under Videos has Exclusively revealed that a 3 disc DVD set dedicated to The Shield is on its way to our collections very soon. A must have for every Ambrose fan I’m sure, here’s the information they have so far on the release and we’ll bring you more as and when details are made available! can now exclusively reveal that “The Destruction of The Shield”, a WWE Network documentary which followed Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on their individual paths to SummerSlam this year, will be released on DVD in 2015.

Early indications are that it looks to be slated for a 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray release, including an extended version of the original 56 minute documentary from the Network, in addition to a selection of full length Shield matches as extras to the main feature.

A release date for The Shield’s DVD and Blu-ray set is not yet known but we can see that the title is in the works for early next year, possibly around about mid February or March.

The Destruction of The Shield

Follow a behind the scenes journey in the life of WWE’s newest and most prolific trio The Shield, on their road to SummerSlam. They were the most dominant faction inside the ring, taking the entire WWE by storm. Now, the Hounds of Justice have disbanded, and roads now lead to SummerSlam.

Witness the journeys of the three superstars – Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns from their humble beginnings en-route to the biggest event of the summer!

The program will include even more exclusive content than originally aired on the WWE Network, along with hours of The Shield’s greatest matches.

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Dean’s been on the media rounds this morning in Knoxville, Tennessee. He stopped off at WVLT, Local 8 News Now for a short interview, promoting Smackdown’s TV taping tonight.

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